Launched in 2019, Jax Productions leverages over 20 years of editing and industry experience to deliver exceptional video and photography services. Using the latest professional equipment, Jack Wightman is committed to capturing the perfect shots to produce quality content which see results!


Jax Productions values strong client relationships. Ensuring your vision is fully realised is top priority while going above and beyond to guarantee satisfaction. Offering services not only in the Adelaide CBD and surrounding areas, but also South Australia wide and nationally, with no limitations on location. Full CASA certification allows access to provide stunning aerial footage, offering unique perspectives.


Jax Productions understands the need for high-quality, timely work, and offers fast turnaround times without compromising quality. From beginning to end, every detail of your project is handled with precision and care. Whether you’re a business needing to promote project commencements, updates or completion announcements, Jax Productions can help transform your ideas into captivating, unforgettable content.